wake-up call

This morning, about 930, I received a mildly unpleasant wake-up call.  It was my mechanic.  Those of you who read the twitter bar (wait, I guess that’s a bit of an assumption, I don’t think I have any readers yet) would know that my car is having problems.  Let me explain.

I was on my way back to my apartment last evening, when I noticed smoke coming out of the heater vent near the windshield.  I pulled over, and turned off the car, opened the hood, and was surprised that there was no smoke in the engine.  Odd, I thought, and I called the person who I must rely on for car-related advice, my father.  I looked under the car, saw that my car was leaking something, (coolant, I think), and waited for my dad to come down.  He followed me to the mechanic shop, on the way it started smoking again, but we finally got there, I dropped my key in the key drop, and then my dad drove me to my apartment.

There is nothing quite like car problems to encourage you to be healthy.  Without my car, I needed to ride my bike to school this morning.  I don’t live overly far from campus, but it’s a little further than I would like to walk.  Thankfully, not two days ago I was finally able to get my bike down at my place.

And now that brings us to this morning.  My alarm failed to wake me up, and about 930 my phone rang.  I groggily shook myself awake, and answered the phone.  The mechanic informed me that the problem was with my heating unit, apparently the small radiator in my dashboard had gone bad, and it was smoking and leaking coolant.  The problem with this is that in order to get at it and fix it they need to take my dash apart.  It’s “labor intensive” which in layman’s terms means expensive.

The damage?  Around $650.  And I don’t have my car for two days.  What a great start to my morning.